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Element CX 155cm.

The Arbor Element is made by nice guys who make good looking boards.
Manufacturer: Arbor
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 Intermediate to Expert All Mountain
Directional Camber Shape
The Arbor Element is made by nice guys who make good looking boards. For 2011 the Arbor Element now comes in two models.  The CX (camber) and the RX (rocker).  The old school camber is going to have a more aggressive less forgiving ride for those that like the old school go big feel.  It doesn't look like any other board on the market and still rides very well. The areas where the Element CX Shines is groomers and carving.  The CX is good in powder but doesn't have the float and easy turn initiation that the CX will.  Some riders still prefer this riding style to a rocker style in powder but most prefer the effortless feeling that rocker provides.  If you have a lot of powder days then the RX might be the choice.  If you don't get much powder then you might be more interested in the good ol CX.  All in all the Arbor Element CX still provides an amazing ride for those that still want camber.  

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